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The truth about Low Carb diets

  1. low carb diets makes you feel sad and stressed

  2. low carb diets makes you fatter, not thinner

  3. low carbs diets are not sustainable

  4. low carb diets bloats your belly

Girl then carbs will be your best friend when it comes to losing weight!! it’s called resistant starch-- a carbohydrate that resist digestion

Eat less

burn more calories

feel more energized

For years now ladies we have been total that Bread, Pasta, Rice and Potatoes are bad for you food. When we actually NEED THEM TO LOSE WEIGHT AND STAY SLIM.

Carbs boast mood- regulating, stress-reducing signals in the brain. Stress produce higher levels of hormones like cortisol which boosts your appetite. Eating a diet packed with the right kind of carbs is the SECRET TO GETTING AND STAYING SLIM


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